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The Maryland Acupuncture Society (MAS) was founded by a group of the first acupuncture practitioners in the state. The organization grew out of the joint effort to see legislation enacted that would permit acupuncturists to practice in Maryland. Since that time, the MAS has participated in the founding of national organizations including the the American Association of Oriental Medicine (AAOM), and the Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Alliance (AOMAlliance). Our membership has grown to include practitioners and students of diverse traditions. Progress in establishing ourselves at both the state and national levels has given the society a voice that is both heard and respected.

The MAS Mission

The MAS's bylaws provide the basis for its mission. This mission includes promotion of acupuncture and Oriental medicine, support and representation of practitioners, and dissemination of relevant information.

Promoting Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine

Acupuncture and Oriental medicine are increasingly sought after by the public as an adjunct to their medical care. Research and clinical evidence continue to validate the Oriental Medicine approach. The MAS is involved in this process by:

  • encouraging integration of diverse methods of acupuncture and Oriental medicine into Maryland health care,
  • advocating acupuncture and Oriental medicine in community and public health care settings,
  • promoting consumer education, consumer freedom of choice, and affordable access to Oriental medical care, and
  • working cooperatively with other health care providers for the wellness of the clients.

Diversity and Collaboration

Today MAS is the state's largest and oldest professional acupuncture association. To support its members, MAS:

  • builds a practitioner community which respects diversity and collaboration,
  • promotes the education, integrity, and credibility of acupuncture practitioners,
  • recognizes and respects the individual voice, consenting or dissenting, acknowledging and hearing all minorty opinion.

MAS members come from a variety of traditions and backgrounds, ranging from acupuncturists with long experience to students in local acupuncture schools. Service on the MAS board or a committee is open to any licensed acupuncturist who becomes a members. MAS also allows other types of health care professionals to be non-voting members of the society and the membership now includes physicians and veternarians.

Information about Acupuncture

In many ways, the MAS supports its mission to gather and disseminate factual information and relevant opinion regarding issues of concern to the Oriental medicine profession. The MAS Newsletter is distributed four times each year and features national and state news of significance to acupuncturists, interviews, and other original information.

The MAS strives to find new and creative ways to enhance clinical skills by offering workshops and seminars lead by internationally known educators and practitioners. In addition, MAS supports ongoing surveys of patient satisfaction and clinical results. MAS is committed to upholding high professional standards for its members.

The Chinese Character in the MAS logo is a classical version of the Chinese character for acupuncture
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